my name is danielle, i'm 22 with an obsession with anything makeup and fashion related. this will be a place to review products and post things i lust for. this is also a place for me to give guidance on life situations which affect so many people on a daily basis.
disclaimer: the views expressed are my personal opinions, they may apply to me, but not to everybody!
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I've moved to Blogger!!

Hi to all my wonderful followers! This is just a quick post to say that I’ve moved to blogger. To see any changes and new posts from now on, please go to;

love you all lots!

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Hi guys, hope every ones doing well! I thought it’s about time I did a drug store favorites. Now I love MAC and NARS blushes just as much as the next person, but sometimes you don’t want to spend up to £20 on a blush. Therefore, this is a guide to my favorite drug store blushes, ranging from £1.99 (I can hear you gasping!) to £8.00. 

1. The Body Shop ‘All-In-One Cheek Colour’ in shade ‘Ginger’. This is a  beautiful peach/coral blush with flecks of gold shimmer. A gorgeous blush for summer, which gives a subtle glow to the skin. It’s quite pigmented, and easily blendable. At £8.00, it’s slightly more expensive than say a Rimmel blush (which retail at £3.99), but I think with The Body Shop, you pay for a little extra quality and a wider shade range. I am an avid fan of The Body Shop, and I have several of their blushes, but the two I will mention today are my most favorite. 

2. The Body Shop ‘All-In-One Cheek Colour’ in shade ‘Macaroon’. This is one of my go-to blushes. It’s a highly pigmented, matte coral, and it looks stunning in spring. I often pair this blush with a simple winged eyeliner, mascara and a bare lip, and it looks just effortless. 

3. Natural Collection (Boots own brand) ‘Blushed Cheeks’ in shade ‘Pink Cloud’. I originally bought this blush as a cheap ‘one time use’ blush when I’d left half my makeup kit at home (stupid me). I was extremely surprised with not only the pigmentation, but the finish that this blush gives. At £1.99, I was expecting a very sheer, patchy blush which would take me a long time to blend in…however I was wrong. Waaay wrong. This is a beautiful matte rose pink, which blends so effortlessly into the skin. It brightens my day when I use this blush. It looks so natural, and will go with almost any look. The only downside to this blush, is the pain coming loose from the plastic packaging. This is slightly annoying when you’re on the go, however it’s nothing a little superglue can’t fix!. As you can tell, I’ve hit the pan on this one, and I will definitely be purchasing this again!

4. Natural Collection (Boots own brand) ‘Blushed Cheeks’ in shade ‘Peach Melba’. Again, this is a well pigmented, creamy blush. A muted coral, looks absolutely gorgeous as a natural daily blush. It goes with absolutely everything, and will suit all skin tones. This is my most recent blush purchase, and I’m so happy I did. At £1.99 you really can’t go wrong. 

So that was my favorite drug store blushes, and as you can tell, I’m a fan of corals and rosy pinks! I really hope you enjoyed reading this, and please feel free to leave me an ‘ask’ and let me know what your favorite drug store blushes are! 

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Hi guys, so this is my very simple brow tutorial in ten easy steps. You can either follow using the photos, or I have included an explanation of each down below. I really hope you enjoy recreating your brows as much as I did, as it was well needed - see pic 1 *embarrassed smile*. 

I must also apologize in advance, for the terrible creasing in my concealer, and the bags under my eyes - it’s been a looong day! 

Step 1: Comb your brows using a spoolie or a brow brush. I personally like to brush them upwards, and then go along the top from the inner to the outer brow, just to neaten them up a little. 

Step 2: Pluck any stray hairs underneath the brow first. Then carefully pluck any hairs from the front of the brow and between each eyebrow. I personally prefer to use small ‘pincer’ tweezers for precise plucking in this part! Finally, move on to the tail of the brow, neatening up any longer hairs. Be careful you don’t go too high though, as this can make you look younger than you actually are! 

In this step, I also brushed up the hairs at the front of my brow, and cut the hairs using nail scissors, so they are inline with the rest of the brow line.

Step 3: I then use my Anastasia Brow Wiz in shade ‘Ash Blonde’ and draw a very faint line under the front of my brow, and increase in pressure the closer I get to the tail. I also make sure there aren’t any patches of skin showing. I then lightly trace the top of my brow, to give a clean line, and then fill in with slightly more pressure, until I am comfortable with how the brow looks. 

Step 4: I then neaten up the tail of my brow, giving it a clean point at the end. 

Step 5: I then use a spoolie to go over the front of my brow, brushing up the very small amount of product along the bottom, and spread it upwards for a subtle ‘gradient’ between front and tail. 

Step 6: I then use NARS ‘Creamy Concealer’ in shade ‘chantilly’ underneath the brow, ensuring a straight line from front to tail. I then blend this out using an Elf Concealer brush. This lighter shade of concealer acts as a highlight under the brow, not only giving dimension but preparing for the powder highlight used in step 9. 

Step 7: I then use the same concealer along the front of the brow and along the top, creating a clean line. This step was used for those who like a more bold brow, however it can be skipped if you prefer a more natural look. 

Step 8: I used Elf ‘Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara’ at the front of my brow, starting from the bottom and brushing upwards in line with the direction of the hair, and then along from the middle to tail of the brow, ensuring there were no stray hairs. 

Step 9: Highlight using MAC ‘shroom’ eye shadow, and a small brush. I only applied this sparingly (as it’s very pigmented) directly underneath the brow from the middle to the tail. 

Step 10: Enjoy your fabulous brows!!

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Sorry it’s been such a long time since I have posted guys, I’ve recently just finished my last year at university, so I have been spending a lot of time revising and focusing on work. 

My skin has been trouble since I was in my early teens, with frequent breakouts and scarring from previous blemishes, oily patches, and just general redness, I found it so hard to get hold of products which actually work for my skin. However, I think this combination has definitely produced the best results! 

I was very reluctant to use the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, as it is basically a blend of essential oils which you apply to your skin using a pipette. Oil based products on oily skin = disaster, however my oiliness has been reduced, my skin feels brighter, softer, and the overall look of my skin has completely changed since I’ve started using this every night. Paired with the Midnight Recovery Eye cream by the same company, this pair is a power couple of the skin world. I often suffered from dark under eye circles, and no matter how much sleep I got the  night before, I would always wake up looking tired and run-down. But no more! The eye cream not only helps reduce fine lines, it reduces my dark circles, and replenishes the skin around my eyes. My eyes are visibly brighter by morning, and I could not wish for a better eye cream. 

Price wise, the pair can be bought from the Kiehl’s website, with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate at £36.00 and the Midnight Recovery Eye for £24.50. 

The products are slightly on the expensive side, however I always think it’s better to splurge on skin care, to know you are getting the best possible care for your skin. 

The holy-grail company of skin care at the moment is La Roche Posay, a french skin care company which can be found in Boots, Murray’s Pharmacy, and most online beauty stores. I originally had the Effaclar Duo +, and found small results. I decided after reading that the Effaclar K can help with uneven skin tone, uneven skin texture, blemishes and blocked pores, I decided this was better suited to my needs…and boy was I right!

I have been using this product since March of this year, and I have noticed such a difference in my skin. My red patches have been minimized, It has significantly reduced the length and severity of breakouts, and it has given me an overall clear complexion. I honestly could not recommend this product more if I tried. 

The RRP for this product is around £15.00, and you get 30ml. 

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trendycandyblog: Hey :) did yountry the Naked 3 Palett? Its great a must have

Hey! apologies if you sent this a while ago, i’ve been really busy at work and uni. 

i have tried the naked 3, and although it’s a very popular eye palette, i find a lot of their eye shadows chalky sometimes! the colours are gorgeous, although i’m not sure i’m a huge fan of all the rose gold tones, i find if they mixed it up a bit, it would be more wearable on a daily basis. 

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I know this isn’t a beauty or fashion related post, but I felt like a lot of people have to deal with this on a regular basis, and it affects you on so many levels. We have all been betrayed at some point, and in various different ways, so this is my guide to dealing with those feelings of sadness and the problems related to the betrayal that you may encounter after.  

The feeling that someone has let you down, especially when you feel you didn’t deserve it, is one of the most profound and horrible feelings you could ever experience. The feeling that you aren’t good enough even though you gave your all, and knowing that there is nothing you can do to change the situation that you are in seems to make your feelings just that bit harder to deal with. 

But you don’t have to feel this way, you are not in the wrong. You may think to yourself ‘I could have done better, tried harder, I could have stopped this’, but there is only one person to blame…and it’s not you.

If there is one thing I have learnt over the past few years - it’s that no matter what happens..things do get better. I went through a stage where I was so sad, lonely and afraid I would never overcome those feelings, but after time - you will learn that not everyone is going to hurt you or let you down. 

Whether it is a relationship, friendship or a family issue, you come to realize that not everyone is as nice as you. And if you feel you can’t forgive those who have betrayed you - you don’t have to. 

For myself personally, I couldn’t seem to overcome the thought that when I was hurting so much, that those people could carry on with their lives as if nothing happened, like they just didn’t care or that they felt good about what they did. 

That may be the case for some, but to find inner peace, I had to realize that I am a great person, and I will become a better version of myself after this. Forget what that person is doing, because you are better off - simply because you know that you would never do that to another human being. You would never intentionally hurt someone to the point where they feel their life is worthless. And that’s why you will come up tops in the situation.

Things do get better, and I can only hope that even though you may feel so upset at the moment, sooner or later you won’t care what that other person is doing, and you will be happy and content with your own life. 

In the mean time - when things seem too much, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Opening up to someone can always help ease the pressure building up.

Samaritans also help with situations like this, so if you feel you do need to talk to someone, give them a call. 

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As I have previously explained in my description bar, I will be adding things to this blog about my daily life. Not only in hopes of overcoming the issues I’m currently dealing with, but to help those who are also fighting an up hill battle. 

As the title of this blog explains, I go by the motto that you should treat others how you would expect them to treat you, and I feel I do a good job at this. 

Unfortunately, within your life time you will come across genuinely nasty people, and if you’re like me - you are too shy or “nice” to defend yourself. 

The reason I am writing this blog post is because today I had an experience which I would hope no one else would have to put up with. The issue of weight and particularly female weight has been an issue for a long time now…and as a female I feel like we should stick together and not slate each other. Although we are trying to overcome the stigma that females should be skinny or thin, there are still a lot of people who will use your size as something to put you down for. 

I myself am struggling with the whole self-confidence/body-confidence thing, and I would hope that one of these days I can overcome that feeling of disgust when I look in the mirror. 

Those people who make you feel low, angry at yourself, or even worthless are NOT the people you should listen to. “Those who mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind”.

Accept yourself for the beautiful person you are, and don’t let other people dictate your life. If you are thin, embrace it! if you have curves - embrace that too! We are all made different, and we are all deserving of love and confidence. 

As the famous saying goes “A tiger doesn’t loose sleep over the opinion of sheep”. 

Be yourself, and those who deserve your love and friendship will follow. 

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the one true way to a person’s heart: compliment them on their winged eye liner 

so true!

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Would you believe me if I said that this was my first ever NARS product? It feels like I have been living in the dark ages when it comes to NARS, but I am slowly expanding my collection - I now have this blush and the ‘creamy concealer’. 

I originally thought about purchasing ‘Deep Throat’ before I looked at ‘Gilda’, but I obviously chickened out when I was asking for which one I’d like at the counter (I’m not prude, just shy!). As much as I love high end brands, somehow I feel like this blush has not met my expectations, and let me tell you why. 

As an avid reader of beauty blogs, all I have heard is good reviews about NARS blushes, however I’m not too sure I like the consistency/formula. Although - I only have this particular blush by them and it may be that the formulas differ slightly from product to product. 

It is a gorgeous pink with coral undertones. It is completely matte, so it looks great for a winter pick-me up, and the mirror is extremely handy for re-application if needed. You only have to apply a small amount for a great colour pay off and I know it will last a long time even if I decide to use this every day. 

However, every time I think about using this blush - there is a niggling little thought in the back of my mind that sometimes stops me from using it. Maybe it’s just me (and i encourage anyone else to let me know their views on the NARS blushes), but I can’t use this blush when i’m in a hurry. Most of the other blushes I have can be quickly applied and easily blended to give a subtle look, but this blush needs a lot more working into the skin for that effortless appearance. 

I also find that it can apply quite patchy in some places, even when I have blended for what seems like an eternity. Like I said, maybe it is just this one blush, or maybe even me…but for £21,50, I expected more than what I got. 

But fret not! I won’t let this put me off buying NARS blushes in the future, I can only hope that my first impressions are knocked out of the water, and I become a NARS obsessed beauty blogger. 

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